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Marketing Tips from Your Child’s Lemonade Stand

Updated: Feb 16, 2021

Marketing Tips from a Lemonade Stand

Retrograde to the days of your childhood, when lemonade stands didn’t involve lawsuits and city ordinances. Those, as most old timers say, were the good old days. Today if your kids are even permitted to open a lemonade stand, the age of the Internet places a lot more pressure on their marketing skills. Lemonade has to do more than wet one’s whistle. Competition is fierce, and finding ways to fulfill a sale of freshly made lemonade takes more than a neighborly smile. In fact, the same tips your kids are using to go viral with their lemonade stand are influential in the world of big business.

More than Sugary Refreshment

Long gone are the times when a single product will attract the greatest number of buyers. Lemonade stands have to push out more than just a cup of chilled ‘nade. Include flavor options, freshly baked treats or frozen lemon pops. Keep it simple by focusing on flavors that complement one another. At the same time, offer something that will complete someone’s craving or satisfy their need to purchase your product. Replace “lemonade” with your own product or service to apply this marketing tactic to your own business.

Clean and Simple

A poster complete with glittery kitties, illegible lettering, and prices too small to read from 10 feet away are the death of lemonade stand marketers. Your customers need to get the message easily and within a few seconds, whether you are selling lemonade or light bulbs. If you make them pause to decipher your sporadic spelling or overuse of images, you generate static instead of a heartfelt bond. Ultimately, you’ve lost the moment the customer makes an emotional connection to your product. It’s difficult to remake a first impression, so make it perfect the first time.

Passionate People Sell

It doesn’t matter if you are selling Stevia enhanced lemonade made using organic lemons plucked from your own lemon tree, or a cup of Country Time shaken in a dirty pitcher using water hose water. If you have passion for your product and business, then you can sell a cup of ice cold lemonade during a South Dakota snowstorm. Give customers a reason to love your product. Your passion turns into their compassion, and a customer is born. People want to buy things, feel that thrill of getting what they want or need. It is up to you, and your marketing savvy, to supply that demand and to get your product into their hands at the right moment. Whether you are selling lemonade, lollipops or Lamborghinis, there is someone out there who wants to buy them. Market yourself so you are the person who makes those dreams come true.

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