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When Does it Make Sense to do Digital Printing?

When Does It Make Sense to do Digital Printing?

When does it make sense for you to choose to do digital printing? Many people think that digital printing is a far superior method which is much more expensive than other types of Printing.

Let’s talk about what digital printing actually is, its advantages and disadvantages and how you can know it makes sense to do it.

What Exactly Is Digital Printing?

Chicago businesses know that in days gone by, printing was done by creating a printing plate and running print jobs on presses where the printing plate came into physical contact with each page that needs to be printed. Sending an image directly to a printing engine using digital files is digital printing.

When Should I Use Digital Printing For My Project?

Getting the right answer requires asking some of the right questions. Here are some of the questions you should ask when considering whether or not to use Digital Printing.

How many colors do I need for my project?

If you just need 1 or 2 ink colors, Litho Printing could be a more economical way to go than Digital Printing. If you need 4 colors, Digital Printing might be the way to go.

Do I need an exact Pantone Matching System Color?

If you do, Litho Printing might be a good fit for your project. If you don’t and it’s more than 1 or 2 colors, Digital Printing could be the best fit.

Do I need to customize the message for individual customers or groups of customers?

If you want to have the flexibility to change parts of the message (images or text) for customers based on using their name in the copy, their address or their demographic, you want to do what we call Variable Data Printing. Digital Printing is a terrific choice if you want to do Variable Data Printing.

Do I have an unusual size for the printing I’m doing, or am I using a non-standard type surface?

Digital Printing can be used for a variety of format sized. Litho Printing might be a viable choice for you, too, depending on the project. If you’re using a non-standard surface, Offset Printing could be a good choice for you because the rubber blanket that we use will conform to the texture of the printing surface.

How Do You Know If Digital Printing Is The Right Choice For Your Project?

There are two things that can help you know if digital printing is the right choice for your project. The first is to do what you’re doing right now – to educate yourself on various printing methods to understand when they are most effective. When you do that, you’re reading up on the tools you have in your toolbox so you know exactly what tool you should be using for a particular project.

The second is to talk with an expert who understands the field and can help you understand the options – and who has your best interests in mind. MidAmerica Printing has been serving clients in Chicago and throughout the Midwest for 25 years. Many of our employees have significant experience in the printing industry and long tenures with us. This gives them a great understanding of the industry. We help clients spend their money as if it was our own money – so we recommend solutions that are not only effective, but cost-effective.

Do you have a project that might require digital printing? Chicago customers should call us today at (312) 663-4720. Let’s talk about your project and help you find the best solution to serve you and the people you serve.

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