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Typesetting Chicago, IL

It’s important to find someone who can combine great experience with the latest technology for your needs for typesetting. Chicago, IL organizations have come to learn that MidAmerican Printing Systems, Inc. has the experience and state-of-the-art technology to serve all of your needs for typesetting.

Chicago, IL has been the home for MidAmerican Printing since 1985. We are one of the most successful commercial printers in the Midwest and are a one-stop shop for printing, mailing and fulfillment services.

We serve a wide range of businesses in Chicago –and the Midwest – from the smallest businesses to the largest businesses, organizations and institutions. We are family-owned and have a staff of 40+ professionals who have an average of over 25 years experience in printing.

At MidAmerican Printing, we don’t outsource our typesetting. Chicago, IL is where we carefully manage our own typesetting for our customers. We have comprehensive procedures in place to take care of the typesetting needs of our clients, from our initial consultation with clients, having a comprehensive review of our work by our staff, giving clients the opportunity to review the work itself and finally signing off on the finished product. We have a commitment to excellence that is second to none. Our clients have come to know that our experienced staff is fully committed to serving our clients well.

We are an authorized printer for Underwriters Laboratories.

If you have a typesetting job, you need to trust it to someone who has both the technology and the experience to help you get it right the first time. Call the team at MidAmerican Printing today at 312-663-4720 to find out how we can take care of all of your typesetting needs.

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3838 N. River Road

Schiller Park, IL 60176

Phone: (312) 663-4720

Fax: (312) 663-0680

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MidAmerican Printing Systems

Since 1985, MidAmerican Printing Systems has been providing printing services to many of the region's largest businesses, organizations and institutions, in addition to a vast array of small businesses that exist in the community. A G7 certified printing company based in Chicago Illinois.

Open everyday 8AM - 6PM

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