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Uv coating

UV Coating

MidAmerican Printing Systems is proud to offer U/V Coating as a new on-site finishing service available for all digital and offset print jobs. U/V Coating increases color vibrancy, depth and improves transparency to extenuate every graphic detail. We stock a wide array of coatings to work with all Digital and Offset print applications. Add Gloss, Satin or Matte luster finishes to any sheet. For additional information or samples contact your Sales Rep or Customer Service Representative.


What is U/V Coating?

Short for Ultraviolet Coating, U/V coating adds beautiful, glossy, transparent coatings to printed products, using ultraviolet light to cure the coating into a durable, impactful finish.  The process consists of applying a special compound to the paper and then quickly curing it under UV lights to add both durability and shine to the finished printed product.  UV coating is a popular process applied to business cards, direct mail postcards, marketing collateral, and even greeting cards.


What Can I Have U/V Coated?

Nearly any printed work can be U/V coated, however it’s most effective on thicker paper stock or card stock.  Items such as booklets/booklet covers, postcards, and business cards are well-suited to receive U/V coating.  Your MidAmerican sales representative can help you determine whether or not your project will benefit from this service.

What are the Advantages of U/V Coating?

U/V coating provides the sheen and “pop” to the printed piece, giving your printed work a professional fit and finish.  In addition to the look and feel of the finish, the glossy coating helps your design and color really stand out from either a dull finish or work printed on glossy paper.


A significant added advantage of UV coating your work is that the durable finish will help protect your printed design from the elements, mild scuffs and scrapes.  Adding this durability to your printed work will extend the life and number of impressions a single unit will deliver, thus increasing the likelihood of conversions down the road.

It sounds expensive!

It certainly has a very expensive, finished look and feel, but it can actually be pretty affordable and provide a big impact to the recipient of your printed work.  It does add to the cost, but you should consider if your project is designed for a brief promotion or intended for a longer lifespan.  Talk to your MidAmerican representative about adding U/V Coating to your next printing quote.

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