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Boost Customer Loyalty Through Personalized Printing

Stock layouts and templates give your business a generic look. Yet you want to stand out from the competition so your customers will remember your business. Enter the realm of personalized printing. Customers looking for a brand in which to develop a loyalty need to have a way to connect. Your brand image is that first step toward a committed consumer relationship. Through personalized digital printing you gain total autonomy over your printed products, so that your brand image is wholly your own.

Greeting Your Customers

Using a standard template for a flyer, business letter, newsletter or mailer leaves little room for personality. Starting with your greeting, these templates take the standard, over used intro. When you go with digital printing you have total control over everything from your greeting to your content selections.

Custom Content Selections

Speaking of content, customization is a must whether you are printing a magazine, form, annual report or catalog. Your business voice needs to be loud and clear for customers, clients and colleagues. Using a standardized format for the content on your printed products is a missed opportunity. Score a home run with personalized printing where you control the voice, style, reading level, industry terminology, and dialect.

Call to Action

A call to action is a lead-in for marketing purposes. This is the point of your content that will urge the customer to take immediate action. Contact us today! Click here! Email our representatives! The call of action catches the customer’s attention and gives them something to act upon. As with custom content, you need to use a customized call to action that sets your CTA apart from generic CTAs.

If you utilize personalized printing you have the option of changing your call to action to meet your on demand needs. While you may have a call to action encouraging the reader to call your company for a promotional letter, the call to action on your conference flyers may direct them to request a demo of a new service.

Generate Perks for Your Customers

As with your leads, every customer is at a different level in the sales funnel. Content geared at new customers will differ from that aimed at inquiries and prospects. Steer clear of blanket printings that cover the most nonspecific audience. Using personalized printing you can generate multiple versions of the same document, depending on the different targeted audiences.

Personalized Printing at MidAmerican Printing

Here at MidAmerican Printing in Chicago we encourage you to try out our personalized printing services. By targeting the proper audiences for your particular printed products, your business will break free from the pack of competitors. Create steadfast customer loyalty with MidAmerican Printing, your digital printer pros.

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