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Designing A Tradeshow Flyer That Stands Out

Finding ways to flash your services or products for your company via a trade show flyer makes all the difference. After all, you are competing with your top competitors as a trade show exhibitor and need to make your business stand out from the crowd. Trade shows can become your greatest asset if you know how to capture your customer’s eye. Take these tips into consideration as you develop your next trade show flyer.


Bold is more than just beautiful, and if you select the right colors, your flyer will be bright enough to leave its mark. Avoid being outlandish just for the sake of it, however, and use colors relevant to your business. For example, look at the colors used in your logo and go for a contrasting or complementary hue, i.e. blue and yellow or purple and orange. Otherwise, you can choose colors based on feelings and the ability to transfix moods using different colors. Red is an idea choice for stimulating feelings of excitement. Yellow can create an uplifting mood, while purple is associated with stimulating creativity. Use your colors judiciously and in good taste for best results.

Get Graphic

You know the mantra, “A picture says a thousand words,” so incorporate some sort of image into your flyer. Choose a striking photo to promote a feeling or to express an idea. Alternatively, you can use graphics in the form of comic strips, cartoon images or artistic representations as your flyer’s focal point. Another trend in terms of graphics is the infographic. Here you incorporate graphics with statistics, bullet points and charts so to share your message in bits and pieces that are easily remembered. Adding images of you and your employees can be useful, if used in good taste.

The Feel of the Flyer

When dealing with a physical medium of communication, aka a trade show flyer, you want to make the document physically stimulating. A limp piece of paper is easy to wad up and toss in the trash can on the way out of the trade show. However, a laminated flyer is going to be strong enough to stand up to such treatment. Opt for embossing to increase the tactile stimulation that your flyer provides. This will increase the chances that your flyer will be read and the content remembered. You can also use textured paper, such as recycled “handmade” paper, which is ideal if you are an eco-conscious company interested in sharing your ‘go green’ message.

Hammer In a Headline

When a person reads your trade show flyer, the first thing they will come to is the headline. Make the typeface big and bold, and don’t be afraid to ask your reader a question to stimulate their interest. Choose short and punchy headlines instead of wordy statements. You only get a few seconds of your reader’s time and attention for the headline, and your goal is to get them to read the flyer in full.

By incorporating tools of the trade into your next trade show flyer, you ensure that your flyer will attract attention and maintain interest. You will be one step closer to your goal of gaining new clients and customers. Contact your leading trade show printer in Chicago today at MidAmerican Printing Systems to get started on your next trade show printing. We will assist you in meeting your upcoming trade show exhibitor printing goals.

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