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3 Trends in Digital Printing Chicago Companies Need To Know

Updated: Feb 16, 2021

With the continued evolution of digital printing, Chicago printer MidAmerican Printing Systems has identified top trends to look out for in 2015. Among the top trend contenders are high-speed turnaround of print services, better utilization of color, and the incredible likeness to litho-printing finishes now available with digital printing. See how your business can benefit from staying on top of these three trends in digital printing.

Light-Speed Required

Thanks to the advent of social media and the Internet, every aspect of business communication is amped up to the max. From marketing campaigns to customer expectations, businesses are discovering that digital printing Chicago companies provide needs to be as fast as lightning. At the same rate, quality cannot be compromised due to expedience. Chicago printing companies who can serve as powerhouses of digital printing technology are the top dogs.

For example, say you have a project that requires substantial marketing efforts through print media. You want 10,000 full-color, matte finish brochures printed in total. However, you are in a pinch because you’ve registered for a trade show that is taking place in two days. You need a printer who can provide you with, say, 300 digitally printed brochures that mimic the quality standards of offset lithography’s finishes. You arrive back from your successful trade show to find your order of 9,700 offset litho printed brochures folded and ready to distribute—in matching high-quality to your digitally printed brochures.  While producing all 10,000 brochures digitally may not be an economical solution, the split order process provides businesses with greater value than ever before.

More Colors than the Rainbow

Color is a huge selling point for the digital printing Chicago companies provide businesses. Thanks to the increased affordability of digital laser and inkjet printing services, consumers have come to expect the best in print. After all, a brochure, sign, poster or banner is a direct reflection of a business. Note the example of the split printing for the client going to a trade show. If the digital hues and offset lithography do not match in coloring potential customers and clients will notice. Faded, mismatched or off kilter hues leave a consumer doubting the professionalism of a company. Additionally, as a result of the professional expectations that digital printing now provides, such as the G7 system certification program, buyers of print products are able to demand more colors than the rainbow, and take delivery of a product that meets or exceeds their expectations.

Two Methods, Nearly Indistinguishable

Traditionally, offset litho printing has been the de-facto standard for large-run print projects.  While that’s still the case today, occasionally the need emerges to blend a short run with existing stock, where the cost to recreate plates for a short litho run would drive costs too high to be considered viable.  Enter digital printing.  Chicago printers can now closely match the finish and feel of traditional offset litho printing with direct-to-print digital printing systems.  Whether you want high-gloss, satin, or completely matte finish or anything in between, digital printing is more than capable to provide the look and feel you’re after.

Whether you’re looking for a small print run or to supplement an existing stock, digital printing systems have advanced such that you can expect a quick turnaround, in high-quality color, in a complex finishes traditionally only found with offset litho printing.   If you’re looking for a printer to deliver high quality across a range of finishes and services, contact MidAmerican Printing Systems today for a free quote on your print job.

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