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How Digital Printing Continues To Revolutionize Marketing

Updated: Feb 16, 2021

Digital Printing, Oversized Printing

Digital printing has revolutionized the printing industry completely, from labor cost to finished product. Using digital printing, Chicago merchants can save money over traditional printing while getting a richly satisfying result in their finished products. In a large metropolitan area such as the city of Chicago, printing is a crucial element in business. Printing is used for marketing and advertising pieces from printed sales receipts to large banner ads on billboards and buses. The ability to lower costs from design to production and easily make alterations when desired allows printers to present their best work at a cost that makes printing highly affordable for everyone.

Digital Printing Chicago

Digital printing is fast. It offers a very quick turnaround for production of short runs. This fact is a distinct advantage over traditional printing methods which are timely for larger runs. For modern business needs that require fast delivery at minimal costs, digital printing is the best choice. Last minute signage, pamphlets or handouts can be completed quickly for affordable pricing.

Affordable Short Runs

Short runs used to be budget killers due to setup fees and labor costs. However, digital printing alleviates the higher cost of short runs. With the ability for a fast turnaround, and more cost-effective printing for short runs, businesses do not lose money on printing expenses for last-minute meetings, additional attendees at seminars or plan changes at the last minute.

Since much of business is done on-the-fly these days, quick and affordable short run printing jobs can really help with the bottom line.  A qualified commercial printing business will be able to cost a print job for digital and transition to litho as the economics of scale begin to make more sense.

Variable Data Printing

Digital printing in Chicago can be altered through the use of variable data printing. Since the print run is controlled by computer, the data changes can be substituted during a large run. The data is changed and inserted where required. Changes can be made to each item for personalized letters, custom graphics or location.  This enables businesses to personalize messages, greetings, and graphics to suit their target customer with each individual mailer.

Variable data printing is an asset for creating a customized product with very little customization needed. Customization appeals to customers who want a personal touch, while creating very little extra labor on the part of the printer.

High-Quality Printing

Proofs can be reviewed quickly with digital printing. Chicago vendors can approve proofs from an email or in person easily because the proof is an exact copy of the finished product. Mistakes and changes can be seen immediately in the proof and corrected on the computer for a subsequent proof to be run.

Digitally printed pieces are the highest quality whether they are for a small meeting or a larger auditorium full of prospects. Additionally, a last-minute order increase is easy to produce and deliver. With digital printing, Chicago businesses can get the word out to as many people as they want at any time.

If you’re looking to increase your impact and response rate, consider utilizing digital printing to personalize your messages.  To find out more, contact us to learn how digital printing can enhance your next print marketing project.

Request A Quote Have a question or looking for a price quote on an upcoming project? If so, please either give us a call at (312) 663-4720.

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Annie johnson
Annie johnson
Jun 04, 2021

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