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Magazine Printing: The Final Checks Before Print

Updated: Feb 16, 2021

Magazine designer getting print ready

Moving to the finish line with magazine printing involves a few last-minute tasks. Prior to printing your magazine for distribution you want the opportunity to test out the publication. Typos, unaligned margins and grainy graphics—these are all avoidable if you complete these final checks.

Check Your Multi-Page Configuration

When you receive the final copy of your magazine, it will be bound together page after page. For that reason you need to review the multi-page configuration of your magazine. While editing text and previewing column alignment is important, these individual aspects of proofing should have been completed a few steps prior in the process. At this point in your magazine printing project you need to review a completed copy of the magazine, just as it would appear once it is hot off the presses.

Review the magazine in its entirety, going from page to page to check for structure. You’ll also have one last shot at proofing the graphics and text for any misprinted lettering or images. What looks perfect on your computer screen, or with page by page proofing, may not translate into perfection in the printed copy. Keep in mind that it’s not uncommon for trim guides and print margins to be off kilter by a narrow bit. This is the perfect time to catch these errors.

Proofs for Magazine Printing

Speaking of proofs, you have a couple of ways you can go about proofing your magazine prior to the final printing:

  1. Digital proofs

  2. Printed proofs

As with all options, each of these come with pros and cons. For digital proofs you are looking at the layout of your magazine. This gives you the chance to catch typos and make edits to the content and layout before printing takes place. On the other hand, printed proofs grant you a different editing experience. Here you are provided with a printed magazine, page by page, featuring the paper weight, sheen, grade and binding of the final product. You get a true feel of your magazine, in addition to having the opportunity to review this proof.

For the optimal experience with proofs, you want to choose both digital and printed proofs. Often a customer will start with the digital proofs, in which the printer can easily make corrections with content and layout using their computer. Once these proofs have been perfected, it’s time to go with the printed version. This gives you a more authentic understanding of how your final product will come out for your magazine printing project.

Printing Magazines in Chicago, IL

Understand your options when it comes to proofing your magazine, so you are prepared for each step of the process. Clarity is key with printing any project. Contact our printing pros here at MidAmerican Printing and let us work with you to develop and print your next magazine.

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