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Are You A Rockstar Marketer?

How is a “best-in-class” marketer defined? What makes these companies different? According to the Aberdeen Group, best-in-class marketers are defined as being in the top 20% of industry performance in process, organization, industry knowledge, technology, and sales performance.

To find out what makes these best-in-class marketers so successful, Aberdeen surveyed 160 end-user organizations to learn about their marketing effectiveness.[1] It found that the firms showing best-in-class performance shared several common characteristics. Specifically:

  1. 86% utilize website visitor tracking.

  2. 82% track, measure, and report on all marketing campaign results.

  3. 64% have a process to test the effectiveness of campaign content.

These firms also make a 60% average marketing contribution to the sales pipeline versus 10% for industry average firms and 3% for laggards.

These efforts are intentional and strategic. Not only do nearly two-thirds of best-in-class marketers test the effectiveness of their campaign content (both print and online), but they have a formal process in place to do so. This isn’t something they do only when things aren’t going well. It is something they do build into their planning.

The benefits of these efforts are substantial. Best-in-class marketers not only enjoy best-in-class marketing performance, but they enjoy best-in-class bottom-line results:

  1. 9.9% average YOY improvement in incremental sales lift resulting from marketing campaigns.

  2. 9.5% average YOY increase in customer retention rate.

Best-in-class marketing strategies make a difference! So follow the lead of the best: track, measure, report, and invest. You just need to be intentional about it.

Call us to learn how our “best-in-class” printing technology and techniques help build your winning marketing strategy.  (312) 663-4720. 1 “Analytics for the CMO: How Best-in-Class Marketers Use Customer Insights to Drive More Revenue” (Aberdeen Group, 2011)

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