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Consumers Willing to Give Up Data for Benefits

Retail. Banking. Healthcare. Who do we trust more with our personal data? It all depends on who can give us more benefits.

These are the conclusions of a survey of 5,000 digital consumers in five countries conducted by Infosys. The survey found that, of all global consumers, U.S. consumers are the most comfortable sharing their personal information.

For example:

  1. 89% of U.S. consumers are willing to share personal information while making a purchase online.

  2. 83% are willing to share personal information when interacting with their bank online.

  3. 77% are willing to share personal information when interacting with their regular doctor’s office online.

As more and more companies integrate online and offline (print) data, this willingness to share personal data, regardless of channel, is a huge benefit. This positively impacts every aspect of companies’ multi-channel marketing efforts.

But if you’re selling “across the pond,” don’t look for quite the same openness. British consumers are less willing to share their personal information (especially with their doctors), and if you’re marketing into France, they are even less so. Only 75% of French consumers are willing to share personal information with online retailers, dropping to 62% for banks and 60% with doctors.

But still, even for these more skeptical consumers, these numbers are pretty darn good. Consequently, even these data are good news for marketers. Consumers are simply more and more willing to give up data if they get something in return.

Source: Engaging with Digital Consumers (Infosys, 2013)

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