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Discover Why Bill Printing and Mailing Isn’t a Lost Art

Updated: Feb 16, 2021

Bill and Mailing Fulfillment in Chicago, IL

Bill Printing Companies in Chicago

If you have a customer base, the reality is that not everyone has access to computers and the internet. Among those customers whom do have access to technology, they might not know how to pay their bills on the internet. In order to provide a service to this customer base you need to continue printing bills and mailing them out. Printing companies in Chicago, including your top pick of MidAmerican Printing, are ready to help you establish and bill printing and mailing system for your customers.

Bill Paying by Mail

Next up you have those customers who don’t trust the internet. They are not going to pay their bills online, no matter how accessible and easy. If you want to cater to customers who prefer the traditional method of bill paying by mail, you have to continue to provide this service. More specifically, the entire baby boomer generation prefers receiving paper bills compared to doing things online or by email. While you might think catering to millennials is the way to go, you can’t forget about the older generation of customers.

Follow-up with Billing Statements

Even if you have customers who use online billing services, there are times when your company needs to send out billing statements. These statements might include unpaid balances, or they could simply touch base with the customer for a direct mail campaign. Sure, you could email the statement, but you need for the customer to fill out information and sign the paper before returning it. Save the customer the hassle of printing the document, which will likely dissuade them from doing it. Let the best printing companies Chicago offers take care of the bill printing and mailing task for you.

Bill Printing and Mailing in Chicago

Getting your bill printing and mailing in Chicago is a cinch when you are dealing with MidAmerican Printing Systems. We have decades of experience with bill printing and mailing. Once you decide what you want for your billing statements to look like, MidAmerican Printing will handle the rest. Our bill printing services include inkjet addressing, database formatting, data services and list management. We also handle folding, inserting, postal pre-sorting and UPS delivery. Reach out to MidAmerican Printing in Chicago, IL today to find out how to utilize bill printing and mailing for your business.

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