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Every Door Direct Mail Explained

Updated: Feb 16, 2021

Personalized Mailers, Direct Mail Marketing

What is Every Door Direct Mail?

Every Door Direct Mail enables you to extend your customer reach via saturation mail without the need for mailing lists, permits, and the associated fees. With Every Door Direct Mail, you create a saturation mailing without applying individual names and addresses to each mailpiece.

You can use Every Door Direct Mail to…

  1. Target a location without an address list

  2. Send out local mailings or national campaigns

  3. Build more traffic

  4. Find new customers

  5. Increase revenue

  6. Reduce mail preparation costs

Examples of who can benefit…

  1. Retailers

  2. Auto dealerships

  3. Arts organizations

  4. Restaurants

  5. Business services

  6. Attorneys

  7. Doctors

  8. Dry cleaners

  9. Contractors

  10. Realtors

For 25 years, MidAmerican Printing Systems has been creating, printing and distributing successful direct mail campaigns for some of Chicago’s largest companies and institutions. Our expertise has helped large and small firms alike achieve their marketing mail objectives.

We are offering a turnkey program to participate in the Every Door Direct Mail Program. Just follow these easy steps and you can get the word out to your prospects fast and at a price that won’t break the bank.

Step (1) Go to and click the EDDM Icon. Select the appropriate category to create your appropriate audience. (The form locator will advise list counts within a quarter mile radius of a given address)

Step (2) Upload Graphic Files. Go to (see the upload files tab). Fill out the easy registration instructions, go to your browser and upload the appropriate files. If you don’t have graphic files, we can help with designing your piece.

Call (312) 663-4720 and ask for Jerry Freund for a free design consultation.

Download the Brochure

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