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Getting the Best Bang for Your Printing Dollar

Updated: Feb 16, 2021

Best quality printing companies in Chicago

The search for printing companies in Chicago often boils down to one issue, print quality. If you can save a few bucks, but your finished flyers feature an irregular logo shape, then your money is as good as wasted. What about going with a printing company in Chicago you’ve been with for decades even though they are never consistent with colors on your materials? Your business will suffer from blase’ printing that makes your company appear sloppy. The one thing you must have when you work with a local printer in Chicago is quality, and here’s how MidAmerican Printing Systems makes that happen.

Hitting the Color Accuracy Bull’s Eye

Whether you are printing brochures, flyers, conference handouts or signs, demand that the color scheme be matched across all mediums. A great printing company in Chicago will commit to color consistency. Multi-hued printings on various weights, textures and colors requires finesse in order to be achieved effectively. MidAmerican Printing understands this and takes the challenge head on with the guarantee of color accuracy across the board.

Page Attributes for Printing Success

Beyond color choice, when you have a project that requires printing on a grand scale, you want to be positive that the following attributes will be considered:

  1. Print margins

  2. Page alignment

  3. Color bleed

Your choice for a Chicago printing company must cover these three points with accuracy. For a newsletter that involves various print margins, it is vital that these line up to ensure a professional finish. If you have a full-page flyer in full color those hues cannot bleed from one image to the next. Amateur printing companies in Chicago aren’t prepared to solve this problem due to inexperience with print materials. Another common complaint is the use of alignment. Say that you want to have letterhead printed for your company. Your main priority is the alignment of your company’s logo and contact information along each and every sheet of letterhead. Getting these points perfectly is the mark of an experienced printing company in Chicago, such as MidAmerican Printing Systems.

Consistency, Consistency, Consistency

Along the thread of color accuracy, consistency ensures that each of your annual reports, business cards, calendars, magnets, magazines, posters and scratch pads feature the same printing per piece. No matter if you are looking at the first copy of a magazine or the 500th, each copy will be exactly the same when dealing with a professional printing company. Being able to choose the most efficient type of printing, whether that be offset, digital, litho or variable printing, is the decision that a top ranked printing business in Chicago will be capable of making.

Go local by selecting one of Chicago’s finest printing companies with a long standing history of success, MidAmerican Printing. Contact MidAmerican Printing today to request a quote for your next printing project.

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