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How To Choose The Right Magazine Printer

Updated: Feb 16, 2021

When requesting a magazine printer in Chicago, you are looking for far more than just a magazine printing service. Words and images might make up the pages of a magazine, but the printer has the capacity to bring the pages to life. From the binding process to digital magazine creation, MidAmerican Printing has the experience and tools to take your magazine to the next level. Consider what we can do for your magazine’s printing and fulfillment needs.


The quality of your magazine is essential to its readability. After all, if your readers are struggling to keep the pages intact while reading, the issue is a flop. Our binding services will ensure your magazine is well constructed using the finest binding materials and paper products afforded by you.

Variable Data Printing

This form of digital printing includes on-demand printing services, which allows our magazine printer services to move images and texts in a more efficient manner. Our quick turnaround saves you time and money, while allowing you to get your magazine out to readers now rather than weeks and revisions later. Time is of the essence, and we utilize variable data printing to make the most of it.

Digital Printing

As the top magazine printing service in Chicago we have evolved to digital printing to meet our customers’ needs and expectations. Forget the boiler plates of yesteryear. Thanks to digital printing we have increased our capabilities to print magazines ranging from short-run or fast color projects to high-volume black-and-white projects.

Offset Printing

For most of our large-scale clients who request our magazine printer services, the use of offset lithographic printing is our most common method. This promotes the highest rate of production for printing. Using the modern computer-to-plate technique, our offset printing follows the traditional ways for printing magazines.

Mail Fulfillment Services

Once you have your newly-printed magazine in hand, it’s time to get it to your readers. Here at MidAmerican Printing we operate in that sector as well. Our mail fulfillment services will have your magazine ready to read in your customers’ hands in no time. Additionally we offer direct mail marketing services that allow you to pinpoint the target population of readers most interested in what you have to say.

Contact MidAmerican Printing Today

Finding an all-inclusive magazine printer in Chicago who can meet your every need from printing to binding to mail fulfillment is a cinch thanks to MidAmerican Printing. Our team of experts are ready to take on your next magazine project.

Simply give your new printing partners a call today to discuss your expectations and goals in relation to our magazine printing demands. Our sales representatives will work directly with your needs to provide you with a free quote customized for your printing goals.

Discover the latest offerings and approaches among MidAmerican Printing mailing and fulfillment services in relation to your target customers. We offer mailing and fulfillment in conjunction, or as a separate amenity from our magazine printer services.

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