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How to Fire Up Copy with Heart Melting Emotion

Updated: Feb 16, 2021

Write a strong sales pitch or copy

Connecting at the Heart

Emotional copy generates heat in the heart of the reader. It gets their blood pumping. Your copy might stimulate their desire to go on a vacation. It might rev up their internal motor and leave them longing to meet someone special. At the very least your words could be the catalyst the customer needs to contact you for more information. Take a look at your message and consider how you can make it emotional. Here are some examples:

  1. For copy advertising a ski trip in Colorado, talk about “warm your heart during winter” or “rekindle that loving connection with your spouse.”

  2. Copy designed to sell personalized birthday cakes might mention “make every birthday as perfect as the person celebrating” or “birthday cakes as unique as you are.”

  3. When writing copy for accounting services, “saving money for your family’s future” or “make your money grow with your children” as a way to trigger family along with financial matters.

Top Emotions to Trigger

Love and desire is a typical emotion that accompanies marketing copy. But you shouldn’t limit yourself to the happy side. Here are some other powerful emotions to add to your copy:

  1. Instant gratification. People like things to happen instantly or within a short time frame. Take advantage of that emotion when advertising something in rapid time.

  2. Time savings. No one likes to waste time, so if your copy can lead customers to save time, point that out.

  3. Fear. Address a way that your customer will be in danger or trouble if they don’t follow through with your message. This doesn’t give you liberties to threaten your audience, but rather opens the doors to let you play on their fears to your benefit.

  4. Pop culture. People like popular culture; the music, the celebrities and the trends are all trigger points. If you can clue into something from pop culture, you’ll garner those emotions associated with what’s cool and hip.

  5. Money savings. Everybody likes to get a good deal. This might seem like an obvious emotion for a marketing team, but often it is overlooked. Keep it simple and show your customers how you can save them money.

How do you choose the right emotion to use? Take a look at your target audience. Think about what would mean the most to them based on their age, demographic, location, income and interests. Use this information to help you hone into the right emotions for the appropriate occasions.

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lekor adams
lekor adams
05 Tem

To fire up your copy with heart-melting emotion, think about what truly resonates with your audience on a deep, personal level. One experience that profoundly moved me was attending spiritual retreats in North Carolina. These retreats, like the ones offered by wheelofbliss, provide a sanctuary to reconnect with yourself, others, nature, and the spirit. The peace and introspection I found there were transformative. When writing, draw on such profound experiences that evoke genuine emotion. Reflecting on moments of personal growth and connection can help infuse your writing with authenticity and heartfelt emotion, making your message truly compelling and relatable.

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