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Hyper-Personalization in Marketing: A New Approach that Works!


Back in the old days, the approach marketers had to selling a product was pretty simple – find a medium to communicate with as many people as possible, send a single message and hope to see results. Everyone received essentially the same message in the same way – whether they wanted to or not. A lot of the time, it worked.

Those were the old days.


Things changed. Smart marketers took a different approach to marketing. Instead of dictating that everyone would receive the same message in the same manner, smart marketers realized that people were more likely to respond favorably to a message that was intended specifically for them – not for the masses.

The new approach focuses not on what marketers are selling, but on what consumers need and want. This changes everything. The focus changes from sending out a message to customer engagement.


When we talk about hyper-personalizing your marketing, we’re talking about helping you to speak directly to potential customers to help them meet their needs with the products and services you provide. There are many effective ways to hyper-personalize your marketing. Just a few of those ideas are below.

Variable Data Mail Pieces and Variable Data Printing

Instead of sending out the same email or direct mail piece to all potential customers, smart marketers customize certain parts of their message to different audiences to more directly appeal to people based on their demographics or preferences as you understand them. Personalizing an email or direct mail piece by using someone’s name in your communication with them is a good start – sending them a message crafted to appeal to them personally moves you down the road to actively engaging your customers.

If you have a retail store, why not provide personalized driving directions for potential clients on a postcard mailing? Instead of just having a spot on a map, you can make it easier for them to meet their needs by simply following the directions of their postcard to find you.

Response rates for Variable Data Mail Pieces and Variable Data Printing are much higher than the response rates for traditional marketing – which means you can contact fewer potential clients and get better results.

Image Personalization

In the old days, a postcard might start with “Dear Occupant.” When using Image Personalization, you can use an image (which is likely to be viewed by a potential client) that includes their name (which is even more likely to be viewed by that potential client). The odds of engaging with that potential client have gone up dramatically by them seeing that someone has taken the time to connect with them personally.

Personalized URLs

It’s one thing to send a potential client to a website with all of the information everyone needs to see. It’s much more effective to send that potential client to a website that has information specifically for them. They don’t have to weed through all of the information intended for others (although you can have a link to your main website for them), but they can quickly see what you have to offer is of benefit for them.

There are many ways to utilize Hyper-Personalization in Marketing to engage your clients. The team at MidAmerican Printing has the technology and experience to help you find approaches that will help you to engage them.

Call us today at (312) 663-4720 and let’s talk about how you can engage your clients using Hyper-Personalization in Marketing.

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