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Magazine Printing: Choose Your Binding and Finish Coating

Updated: Feb 16, 2021

Magazine Printer Chicago IL

Page Binding for Magazines

The final process of attaching your magazine pages together in a finished product is called binding. For magazine printing there are two main types of binding:

  1. Perfect-bound

  2. Saddle-bound aka saddle-stitched

Perfect-bound is the most common binding method you will see when browsing magazines on newsstands. This binding style results in a square edge appearance. It’s ideal if you plan to print a magazine with a higher page count. In fact you will need to meet a page minimum in order to achieve a perfect bind with the perfect-bound style. Speak to your magazine printer to see if they have a minimum page requirement before selecting this binding type.

If you want to save money, the saddle-bound option might be your best solution. Using staples for binding, this process is best suited for smaller publications as there is not a minimum page requirement. However, if you would like to print a magazine with a lot of pages, saddle-stitched will not suit your needs.

Other options for magazine binding include case binding and spiral-bound. While these are not the most commonly used for magazines, in general, they do serve their purpose:

  1. If you have a magazine that will be used regularly for reference or hands-on assignments, then the coil binding of spiral-bound magazines is optimal. Spiral-bound binding allows you to lay the magazine completely flat on a surface.

  2. Case binding is typically reserved for hardbound books. Using this binding, your magazine printer would sew the pages together and attach a hard cover to the exterior.

Keep in mind that these binding types are more costly than both perfect-bound and saddle-bound bindings.

Magazine Page Coatings

The finished product of a magazine involves its page coating. There are three main types:

  1. Varnish

  2. Matte UV

  3. Gloss UV

While gloss UV is more glossy, and more attractive for colors, matte UV is more professional and textured. Varnish is a toned down version of gloss UV.

Understanding the process involved when you want to print a magazine ensures you will get the right results from your magazine printer. As leaders in the magazine printing industry, your neighborhood printers in Chicago are ready to help you create your next publication. Contact MidAmerican Printing Systems in Chicago, IL today to request a quote for your magazine publication project!

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