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Print Boot Camp for Designers: Part 3- Moving from Screen to Print

Updated: Feb 16, 2021

Preflight graphics for print checklist

Today in our third part of the Print Boot Camp for Designers we are completing the mission of designing for print. We have provided you with the tools you need regarding print dimension, color and font. Now it is time to look at the all-inclusive print ad layout. Using a pre-print checklist, you increase your ability to prepare print layouts to perfection. We will also look at some aspects of finishing work that you can add to your checklist so to increase customer and printer satisfaction.

Step 5: Your Pre-Print Checklist

When designing for print you have to keep that final copy in mind throughout the process. However, after creating a new design, formatting a layout for print, and preparing for submission to the printer, it can be easy to forget a few of the important aspects of print ad layout. Avoid this problem by preparing a pre-print checklist and check off all of the boxes before handing your work over to the printer.

For example, Illustrator and InDesign use pointers aka file references rather than the actual graphic when it is repeated throughout a project. This is something you would need to add to your checklist, so you can remember to change any repeated images that have been replaced by pointers.

Step 6: Consider the Cut and Fold

A final step for the printer will be to cut and fold the finished printing. This is a crucial moment as one wrong cut or fold will destroy a printed project. To ensure that your print ad layout is accurate at the printer, create cut and fold guides for finishing. Since you are the go-to professional in terms of the layout and final look of your work, you want to give the printer any assistance possible. You won’t be able to spot check your printed copy each and every time, so providing the printer with the correct information regarding cutting and folding is super beneficial.

Find a Local Printing Company

Now that you have honed your capabilities with print layouts as a graphic designer, it is time to consider forming a network with the best print companies in Chicago. Establish a professional relationship with a local print company, such as MidAmerican Printing. In doing so, you will have a steadfast team of print experts at your side when you need to print a completed graphic design project. Your print team will get the opportunity to understand your design style, aesthetic and color palette, which adds to their ability to produce a pristinely printed product for you.

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