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Designing Direct Mail Campaigns That Work

Updated: Feb 16, 2021

Direct Mail Campaign in Chicago, IL

Don’t Be Too Wordy

You have a story to tell, we get that, but please remember consumers have a short attention span when it comes to sorting the mail.  Your opportunity to enrich and enlighten begins after they’ve responded to the small stuff.  Grab their attention, give them the highlights, and give them a simple step to respond.  Too much text on the page and an unclear call to action are the most common issues we see with new direct mail campaign designs.

Focus on Value

Imagine you’re shopping for a new home.  The realtor or developer launches into a long-winded speech about the size of nails used or the fact the crawl space under the home is free of rocks and debris, should you crawl under there once in the 30 years you live there.  Most homebuyers’ eyes would glaze over; what you want to know is why is the way the home is constructed better for my family and lifestyle.

The same is true for crafting that message to the prospective customer: show them the value your product or service brings in a simple and succinct way.

Incentivize With An Offer

No, you don’t need to take a loss on each sale through the campaign, but instill a sense of urgency for them to respond.  An example might include a carpet cleaner offering to clean two rooms for the price of one for new customers.  The cost isn’t in the materials, it’s the travel and set-up time for the equipment, making this deal a win for the buyer and seller.  Another offer might be a low-cost add-on for purchase, such as a wall-mount with the purchase of a television.  Wouldn’t you say selling that $1,200 television is worth the mark-down of a $49 wall mount?

Be Consistent

Ensure your logo, colors, fonts, and tagline are consistent between all mediums your prospect may encounter your business.  Seems simple, right?  Ever been through a re-brand with your company and not want to re-order collateral or business cards until the box of 3,000 are used up?  Prospects don’t know your backstory, so seeing two logos or taglines may cause them to question whether they’re dealing with the same business.

Follow Up

When a prospect responds to your campaign, whether it’s an email, phone call, website form-fill, or walks in your store—follow up with them.  Make those engagements a priority.

Final Thoughts

If you’re looking to launch a new direct mail or multi-touch campaign, give us a call.  Our sales and design teams are happy to help you craft the perfect message to your audience.  We’re equipped to take your design (or idea) from sketch or screen through print and mailing fulfillment.  Have an idea for a campaign?  Give us a call or fill out our quote request form!

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