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Designing The Perfect Holiday Card

Updated: Feb 16, 2021

Holiday Card Printing

Know Your Audience

Sending the right message can be difficult, with so many faiths, creeds, and secular influences represented by your audience.  While it may be easy to hand out a benign card such as “seasons greetings” on a red or green card, I’d say your audience knows you better already.  It’s okay to add a little personality and leverage your personal beliefs to offer up an encouraging note or blessing to your customer or peer.  Even if they don’t share the same worldview, it’s pretty common for others to be accepting and respectful of other’s viewpoints, so long as it’s not forceful or offensive.  Keep it light, simple, and hopeful.

Pick or Create The Art

This is either a fun idea or terrifying prospect.  You may be able to charm the socks off a prospect, but when it comes to art—let’s just say it isn’t your strength.  Fortunately there are loads of resources of clever ideas, art sources, and studios ready to assist.  A recent godsend on that front has been Pinterest.  On this social media site you can find thousands upon thousands of examples of art, cards, messages, and color palettes for the uninspired.

Team Up With A Designer and Printer

Finding the right design and print partner is important.  Start your search early and be sure to get your card in the queue, as you’ll want to have them designed and in-hand to deliver by December 1 if possible.  While nearly all printers will work with your supplied art, either self-created or another designer, some printers will have an in-house design group, such as our own at MidAmerican.  From simple typesetting and formatting to ground-up designs, we can assist with your project from start to finish.

However you choose to fulfill your holiday cards, be sure to take the time to enjoy the process and bring your company’s DNA to the project.

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