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Hit a Grand Slam with 3 B’s in Trade Show Printing Ideas

Updated: Feb 16, 2021

Hit A Grand Slam With A Trade Show Printer You Can Trust, MidAmerican Printing

As the summer months approach, it is trade show season in the Midwest. Vendors and customers are taking to the roads to seek out the latest products and services in the marketplace. Take advantage of this season by hitting it out of the ballpark with your marketing efforts. Using your favorite Chicago trade show printer services, your trade show booth will be stocked with business cards, brochures, bookmarks and the like. Professionalism counts, so put your brand out there with the best printed products in the biz. Here are some creative ways to transform your printed image into eye-catching and marketable pieces of content.

Blast Away the Competition with Brochures

Long gone are the days of simple black-and-white tri-fold brochures on flimsy stock. Here at MidAmerican Printing we are seeing a rise in the use of digitalized content for trade show printer needs. For example, leading businesses’ brochures are featuring QR codes linking to social media profiles, their business blog, and coupons to products. Paper used for brochures involves a production of heavyweight, textured material in colors consistent with the brand image. Getting the trade show participant to read through the brochure is essential, so digitally enhanced images and user-centric information is front and center.

Bend an Ear via Bookmarks

Taking a cue from authors and bookstores alike, vendors at trade shows have discovered the lasting power of a bookmark. However, the simple rectangular form will no longer suffice. Transform a bookmark into a work of art worthy of placement in a beloved tome for the best results. Additionally, flimsy bookmarks are useless. Take advantage of the heavier stock available, and consider lamination, embellishment or embossing to give your bookmarks a professional aesthetic that matches your brand.

Be a Power Player Using Business Cards

Slash and burn your way through the competition by presenting yourself using premium business cards that make your brand soar above the rest. The goal for business cards is, and has been, to give potential customers and clients a way to reconnect with you. However, if your business card is as bland as a bowl of milk, then you can bet your leads will think your brand is even blander. In today’s market, creativity counts. Make your business cards as innovative as possible, while keeping with the basic premise of passing along your contact info, which should include:

  1. Your business logo and/or brand image

  2. Your name and title

  3. Your direct line along with the company phone number

  4. Your email address, which should reflect your company and brand

  5. The physical address and/or mailing address to your company

  6. Your Internet links: business website, business blog, Facebook page, LinkedIn profile, and other social media pages as applicable, i.e. Pinterest, Instagram, etc.

As for the bold imagery of your business card, start with a backdrop of the finest quality of paper in the heaviest cardstock. Consider the size and shape of the card, as you want your card to fit into a billfold or wallet while standing out from the card crowd. Adding embossment or a roughened edge to the upper border helps to visually bring out a card from the stack. While solid white cards scream professionalism and cleanliness, if you want to add interest to your business card, opt for an off-kilter color, such as the color of your brand.

Finding ways to bring your brand to the front of the fold can be realized & enhanced by selecting the right trade show printer. Solve your marketing woes by going for the gold in terms of brochures, bookmarks, business cards and other printable materials to be distributed at your upcoming trade show events.

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