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How to Develop Direct Mail Campaigns That Convert

Updated: Feb 16, 2021

Direct Mail Campaigns

Go digital. That’s the catch phrase of marketers in every single industry. Blogs, social media and email are the methods taking over the marketing world. However, there is something to be said about the lack of staying power of easily deleted emails and short term social media. While marketing mediums are changing the goal of marketing remains the same: connect with customers in the most effective manner. While going digital is the quickest and cheapest form of marketing, direct mail campaigns continue to offer the strongest connection with customers.

Direct Mail Services Data

Everywhere you turn email addresses are used for marketing purposes. Make a purchase at a store, they ask for your email. Sign up for a newsletter or via a call-to-action, and your email is offered in exchange. However, email marketing has far less ump than you’d expect. According to Business 2 Community, 91 percent of the customers who offered their email addresses to companies and businesses have unsubscribed as of February 2015. On the other hand, B2C reports that in the same time period 54 percent of direct mail is being opened. The staying power of direct mail campaigns in a digital world is clear. So how can you develop a direct mail marketing campaign that will push you ahead of the competition?

Reconsider Your Marketing Package

People are busier than ever before. How do you make potential customers slow down and see your direct mailing materials? Start by going the personal route. People like to be treated like an individual. Here are some takeaways to help you make your direct mail campaigns more individualistic:

  1. Start out on a first name basis by using the customer’s first name, spelled correctly.

  2. Design the mailer using a background image that meets their personality, i.e. sports image for someone coaching or playing, or pictures of luggage and airplanes for frequent travelers.

  3. Tailor the language to their education level to ensure you aren’t dumbing down or talking over their head.

  4. Send mail related to campaigns that fit their lifestyle, i.e. send travel related info during the off-season for trip planners, or bedroom decor for parents of college kids during the summer before freshmen year.

Other ways to get into the hands and minds of customers with direct mail services include:

  1. Going three-dimensional

  2. Linking to online media

  3. Printing on high quality paper

  4. Using interesting graphics that are legible

Also, in order to maintain the interest of your customers send them coupons, discounts or valuable savings that give them a reason to hold on to your direct mail marketing materials. Getting to and through to your customers is the key to  successfully organized direct mail campaigns. Finally, if you are trying something and it’s not successful for your demographic or target marketing area, don’t give up. Take a different stance, research the market, and consider revamping your marketing campaign midstream.

Looking for help developing a winning direct mail campaign?  Give us a call; our design specialists are ready to lend you a hand and get your message to your next customers.

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