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How to Reduce Direct Mail Marketing Costs

Updated: Feb 16, 2021

Reduce the cost of direct mail marketing

Size Matters with Mailings

In today’s marketing arena you have dozens of different options from which to choose your direct mail pieces. You can go postcard or send out letters, flyers or newsletters. Want to get the most attention with the largest piece of mail? Opt for a large 9 x 12 inch manila envelope. Of course, that size will cost you substantially in comparison to letter packages. To ensure you aren’t blowing your budget in all of the wrong areas, use these guidelines:

  1. Postcards are ideal for saving money as you have minimal packaging costs, i.e. no envelopes, and they are easy to get the message across through instant eye appeal. Customers can also determine the weight of a postcard easily from typical letters, which helps to make postcards stand out. Printing postcards can be as low as 15 cents per postcard, with quantity boosting the savings. You do have to pay a little bit more for mailing a postcard due to size and weight, so factor that into your overall expense calculation.

  2. Letters are the next most popular option. Using a letter, you have the enclosure of an envelope, which adds to the labor costs of preparing this type of direct mail. However, if you are sending sensitive information or personalized documents, then letters are the way to go. You can use the letter format to also mail tri-fold brochures as long as they are a single page that can fit into the standard size envelope. Keep in mind that the range of printing costs from letters to brochures will vary, plus you have the costs of envelope stuffing.

  3. For larger direct mail pieces, such as refrigerator calendar magnets or multiple sheets of information, the 9 x 12 envelope is your best bet. This is the most expensive size of direct mail to utilize. However, if you have the reasons for using it, then it’s worth the extra cost. Typically, a larger direct mail marketing opportunity comes with a greater investment into the customer. For example, you wouldn’t use this type of mail to simply solicit new customers. Rather you would use this investment to further advance a marketing move.

Placing your money on every door direct mail cost is a substantial move for marketing teams. However, it is the surest way to get your marketing message directly into the hands of customers. While the expense of direct mail may seem off putting, consider the overall benefits of using direct mail as you weigh the decision. A good rule of thumb is to use multiple formats of direct mail in your marketing campaign. By utilizing specific mail types at various phases of your campaign, you keep customers guessing and intrigued with the different modes of advertising.

Need help?

If you need assistance designing and fulfilling your direct mail marketing campaign, give us a call at (312) 663-4720.

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