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Rock-Solid B2B Marketing Strategy

Updated: Feb 16, 2021

B2B Marketing Strategy

What’s your b2b marketing strategy?

Get your message across to your intended audience. That is your mission. If you accept it wisely, your business will prosper. If you fail to achieve with your business marketing strategy you are back to square one, and 10 steps behind the competition. The major question on every marketer’s mind is “What should our B2B marketing strategy look like?

Digital Marketing Matters.

You keep hearing that the new wave of marketing is through digital and email platforms. After all, everyone is using the Internet and technology, from social media obsessions to Googling to their heart’s content. Text messaging, social media, blogging, email communication and browser searches are the go-to methods of communicating. Letter writing is becoming an art form, rather than a standard way of sending a message. As a business marketing strategy, digital means matter. However, the staying power of digital and email marketing strategies is of grave concern to businesses with long term marketing sense.

The Stats are In.

At the same time, print marketing is not some past-tense medium for business marketing plans. Newspapers still make their rounds over coffee. Magazines continue to hold their own at the end of checkout aisles. Bulletin boards display flyers, posters decorate wall space, and brochures remain on display at conventions and chambers of commerce.

Print sticks.

How much value does print hold in comparison to its greatest competitor, digital marketing? According to the Direct Marketing Association (DMA):

  1. Direct mail (letter size) has a 3.4 percent rate of return in comparison to just 0.12 percent for email marketing.

That means direct mail marketing has a response rate of 30 times greater than email marketing efforts. Other forms of digital marketing fared as meagerly:

  1. Paid search marketing response rate of 0.22 percent

  2. Display ads scored a response rate of less than half of a percent, at only 0.04 percent

What about the specific forms of print media for business marketing strategies? The stats tell the story:

  1. Oversized mail has a response rate of 3.95 percent

  2. Postcards remain strong with a rate of 2.47 percent

  3. Catalogs continue to make their mark at 4.26 percent

Keeping the interest of consumers involves maintaining their attention. The majority of emails, at a substantial rate of 94 percent, are not converted immediately when the email is opened. In fact, only six percent of email marketing takes advantage of the instant click action.

The world may be in a rush to go, go, go. However when it comes to marketing efforts, the digital speed hasn’t caught up with the consumers its targeting. As you develop your B2B marketing strategy, take heed of the need to use print media to maintain your audience’s attention for the long term.

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