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Selling Magazines or Magazines for Selling?

Updated: Feb 16, 2021

Magazine Printer Chicago

What to Publish in Your Magazine

To begin decide what you will publish in your magazine. Here you can choose to make the magazine in a variety of formats:

  1. Product catalog

  2. General interest/ community magazine

  3. Article-heavy magazine with minimal product advertisement to showcase your expertise

  4. Calendar of events, i.e. for a child care facility, community center, zoo, etc.

  5. For a specific function or project, i.e. fundraising events

  6. A company newsletter in a magazine form

  7. Booklet with tear-out coupons for customers to use when shopping at your store

There are endless ways you can use a magazine. For example, you can create a magazine for a fundraising event that includes your letter of introduction, product catalog, and order form/contact information. You can also generate a new magazine sales catalog of your latest products you are able to soft sell your products.

Another idea for magazine printing is to create community awareness to a problem or issue. For example, if you are selling a mosquito spray that doesn’t have harmful chemicals, you can publish a magazine featuring information about the pros and cons of mosquito repellents. You will discuss the use of natural repellents, while tying your product into the articles. Companies like Kraft Foods, General Mills and Panera Bread already do this. They produce small-scale magazines that they include in packaging and hand out at Panera restaurants. Along with recipes and tips for using their ingredients, the brands also list their menus or shopping lists of their items.

Showing Support with Magazine Printing

By printing a magazine for your business you have the chance to do more than just sell products to customers. It also provides you with an inexpensive way to support your employees. Use the magazine as a place to recognize employees who are overachievers or winners of contests. It’s always nice to be recognized, and by being publicized in a magazine, your employees will feel top notch.

Now that you are ready to go forward with magazine printing, check out MidAmerican Printing. We are your go-to magazine printer in Chicago, offering you with a multitude of professional magazine printing options.

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