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What Makes a Good Printing Company and How Do You Find One?

Updated: Feb 16, 2021

Printing Companies in Chicago, IL

If your printing company provides you with quality, consistency and reliability, then why would you look for a new commercial printer? The most common answer is “I’m in search of the lowest cost.” Sure, we all want to save money. But at what cost? A quality printing company goes above and beyond. For this service, a company makes an investment into the customer. You might be able to shortcut a print job by going with the cheapest rate right now, but you are missing out on the quality investment gained from a long standing relationship with your commercial.

Still not convinced? Here’s what you will get when you commit to a good printing provider.

  1. A good printer will continually search for ways to cut your printing costs. They are interested in helping you out by saving you money.

  2. A good printer will not reduce the quality of printed products or services. They take pride in providing their customers with products with their seal of approval.

  3. A good printer doesn’t have to cut costs to the quick just so they can attract customers. People find a good quality printer through their reputation and via word of mouth. Customers continue to go to a quality printing company because they trust that they will treat them right, both in price and finished product.

  4. A good printer will give their customers proofs to ensure the final product is printed to perfection. This saves on time, as well as reduces waste and costs.

  5. A good printer is consistent from the very first run to the last run. All products produced by a reputable commercial printer will be perfect, each and every time.

  6. A good printer is reliable in the delivery of printed products. You won’t be stuck at a summertime trade show, marketing event or industry convention without your printed materials in hand, in perfect condition and ahead of time.

  7. A good printer will listen to you and use their professional experience and industry knowledge to give you the best possible outcome for your products.

  8. A good printer will develop a business relationship with you. They will be one step ahead of you in predicting your printer needs. Have a 10 year anniversary of your company coming up? A good printer will notice this and contact you ahead of time to see if you need flyers, invitations or banners printed for the special occasion. Looking ahead for Christmas in July? A good printer will send out information well in advance to help you plan by the seasons with printed supplies.

Here at MidAmerican Printing we are one of the leading printing companies in Chicago, Illinois.  We proudly deliver on this claim daily by providing excellence in customer service, high-quality printed product, and competitive pricing.  Contact our printing pros to set up a consultation so we can get to know your company’s print needs.

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