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How Color Printing Companies Handle Self-Publishing

Updated: Feb 16, 2021

Book Printer in Chicago, IL

Self-publishing has exploded in the book industry, completely revolutionizing the system with ebooks and ereaders. You can literally write anything and set it up to be an ebook to sell online at places like Amazon. But what do you do when you are ready to bind your ebook? You’ll need to opt for the color printing Chicago offers for short-run printing.

From Ebook to Printing a Book

When you are printing a book there are quite a few steps to keep in mind throughout the process. For starters, you have to have a particular structure in mind for your book. Questions to ask:

  1. Do you want a spiral bound book, i.e. for workbooks or cookbooks?

  2. Are you printing a paperback or hardback book?

  3. Do you want to use a certain type, weight or color of paper for the interior pages of your book?

  4. How many copies do you need, i.e. 20 or 2,000?

  5. Do you want pages to be perforated so they can be removed easily, i.e. workbooks for religious studies or adult coloring pages?

The good part of using a Chicago printer is you are dealing with a person who is here to help you make the best choices for book printing. For example, here at MidAmerican Printing Systems in Chicago we have printed all sorts of books as self-publishing projects. This experience lets us into the industry secrets that help you pick the best printing structure. We know what kind of typography is most commonly used for printing books, and we have experience in printing self published books in Chicago.

Short Run Printing in Chicago

Self-publishing authors tend to have a smaller fan base. Therefore these authors don’t need to print off 500,000 copies of their book, only to have them collect dust in the basement. That’s where short run printing comes into play. For color printing Chicago printer companies are able to run smaller printings. You can have as few copies as you’d like. Then later on if your book hits the bestseller list you can pick back up and complete an additional print run.

Digital Printing in Chicago

Digital printing services allow us to do short runs here at MidAmerican Printing. By opting for digital printing in Chicago you can also cut down on your processing and shipping time. Here in your own backyard you have access to short run presses and professional printing companies ready to print for you. Take advantage of this opportunity and bring your book to life. Contact MidAmerican Printing Systems in Chicago, IL today so we can set up a consultation for your self publishing project. We are excited to begin working with you as you bring your book dream to a reality!

If you’re in need of a fast, quality printer, please fill out the form below to receive a fast quote on your upcoming print project.

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