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Develop More Loyal Customers Through Integrated Marketing

Updated: Feb 16, 2021

Print Advertising and Integrated Marketing

Be Bold in Print

In your marketing and advertising campaign, you have two paths to pursue–offline and online. While online campaigns are fluid and art and copy are easily changed, print is static and therefore takes more planning. Begin with the print advertising campaign by selecting your choice of print mediums, such as:

  1. Direct mail advertisements, i.e. postcards and sales catalogs

  2. Newsletters

  3. Brochures

  4. Posters

  5. Signage

  6. Door hangers

  7. Business cards

  8. Flyers

  9. Banners

  10. Notepads

The key here is to carry your message through each of these mediums in a seamless fashion. Visually, your logo image, the colors of your logo, and the font of your message should be the exact same on your brochures, banners, business cards and door hangers. But beyond the points, dots, and pixels, your message needs to have a continual voice, style and language. Your messages can each have their independent tone, but overall there needs to be a flow. If your customers are used to hearing a traditional or grandfatherly voice from your company, only to see an ad where you sound like a teenybopper, this will create concerns.

You want to generate feelings of brand affinity which leads to customer loyalty, created through the steadfast commitment to voice, tone and style.  Establishing this voice early on makes integrating—creating consistency across all marketing and advertising channels—a much simpler proposition.  By choosing MidAmerican Printing as your go-to Chicago print shop we can guarantee a wholly integrated message across all printed mediums. Our print professionals understand the value of message consistency, and we have the expertise to commit to a cohesive brand image.

Taking a Message Online

Now, the second part of this marketing campaign is to carry your brand image and marketing message over to your online audience. The internet is a major part of all marketing campaigns, using any of the following mediums:

  1. Websites and blogs

  2. Search and display ads

  3. Social media ads

But to effectively translate your brand to the online platform, you may have to make some adjustments. Customer loyalty is easier to gain when your customers don’t have to stretch their imagination or do a double-take with your marketing campaign.

Ready for an example? When selling closet organizers to new homeowners using the tagline, “You carefully wrapped and packed your knick-knacks for move-in, we’ll help you keep things tidy.”   The tagline and product shouldn’t change, but for an effective search campaign you may need to tailor the message for a search/response exchange.  The searcher using the key phrase, “closet organizing ideas” might be inclined to click on “Organize your closet – a place for every knick-knack.”  Similarly, any Web page listed on the print literature should maintain continuity with the message of the print ad.


f your target customer has to stop and think about what your company is trying to get across, then you are not a brand. When you have integrated your message across both your print and online campaigns leveraging the talent at your nearby printer, the customer doesn’t have to work so hard to get the point. Instead everything flows together and your marketing efforts are easier to accomplish. If you are ready to commit to an integrated marketing campaign, contact MidAmerican Printing, your hometown Chicago print shop. Our printing pros are ready to work with your business and brand to create an impactful print campaign to support your overall integrated marketing plan.

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